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AdSense, Pay Per Press & Affiliate Promotion

"Spend Per Enjoy" Affiliate Advertising (PPP for short; to not be confused with "Spend Per Post") is really a Brand-New Stream of Revenue for Affiliate Marketers that's only getting ready to "Get Live." The planned release date is March 1, 2008.
Listed here is the gist of what "Pay Per Enjoy" Affiliate Promotion (PPP for short; never to be confused with "Pay Per Post") is all about.
Some Online "Large Hitters" have developed a fresh program where an advertiser uses income to truly have a 5 next music noise bite located on almost any type of website as only a little commercial.
The advertisers that are being targeted at this time by the PPP consumers are BIG ADVERTISERS with big advertising budgets. They're going to cover advanced rates to experience his new service.
As an internet site manager, you can seize a piece of that new pie yourself rather simply. You register with the PPP people and then you'll have the ability to obtain the code essential to enjoy one of these 5 2nd "ads" on any of your websites which have the PPP code embedded in them.
The commercials are targeted to your website's topic so they'll be relevant to your website's visitors.
But listed here is the lovely part. You get compensated without your guests having to accomplish something!
This means the more traffic you return to your website, the more commissions you'll make.
According to the PPP folks, "Pay Per Play" Affiliate Promotion will probably cause you to more cash than Bing AdSense. Plus, with AdSense, your visitor leaves your website. Not too with PPP. Your visitor learns a short industrial used generally for brand marketing for major advertisers.
Today, you can join this system for free and then put it to use all on your own website(s) wherever you'll produce 25% of the marketing cost of the specific industrial that works on your own site. Plus you are able to refer other folks to this program and generate a recurring commission of 5% of the marketing costs they create as well as another 5% for anyone they sign up.
You may not get rich from "Spend Per Play" Affiliate Promotion but if you ask me, it looks like a practical alternative to AdSense that's worth seeking into.
They scuttlebutt is that if this program launches January 1, 2008, you could maybe not however have the capacity to refer other people to the program so joining now created the absolute most sense to me.
Who knows if PPP will be the next "Latest and Best" thing hitting Affiliate Marketing.
But it looks interesting, has actually no opposition right now and you are able to join for free. Why not provide it a try.