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Asian Steamed Buttocks (with Chicken for Optimum Joy)

Asian steamed buns or "Siopao" (in Chinese, it means "hot or warm buttocks") is a convenience food in the Philippines which very nearly most people enjoy! It had been during one of my mother's visit that she produced along materials to show me making Siopao. Actually, I wasn't actually focusing enough time she was featuring me the procedures on steps to make the buns. I was diverted with all the sound and enjoyment whenever family concerns visit. Good thing she wrote the recipe down in my own notebook.
After her visit, I determined to try making the Siopao because I still have a lot of the materials she brought along. Needlessly to say, the very first take to was the ซาลาเปา. The Siopao money came out difficult and interesting looking. However, understanding myself well, it always pose as challenging whenever I get failures on my first try. So I attempted and tried again. Looking back at the recipe my mom make note of, there were a few errors that I'd to revised. These changes that I ran across in time light emitting diode me to produce one of the most great recipe in my own catering business. Probably the most amounts of Siopao I was able to make was 200 pieces a day.
Listed here is my own, personal Chinese Steamed Buns or Siopao recipe.
Siopao Filling:
1 kilo Ground Pig
1 glass Lee Kum Kee Char Siu Sauce
I mind Garlic sliced
2 pcs Onion Large cut
Olive oil
Salt, pepper and sugar
Siopao Dough:
400 grams of All Function flour
100 grams Cake Flour
250 grams water
10 grams fungus
140 grams processed sugar
10 grams Cooking Dust
20 grams reducing
1 major hard-boiled egg cut
Cut Asian Chorizo or sausage 
Process for making Siopao Filling:
We call this menu "Asado" in the Philippines. You may make still another deviation that appears and likes like steamed meatballs.
First, temperature the olive oil and saute the sliced garlic. Devote the pig and seasoned it with sodium and pepper. Devote a cup of soy sauce, mix until it browns evenly. Put in the Lee Kum Kee sauce and include sugar. Filipinos love special tasting Asado so I frequently include more sugar. I suggest that you put in two cup water with blended cornstarch when the pig is almost done to make the filling pasty. It will be simpler to put it in the bread later.