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IBMi + iView = Complete web based content management solution

iView performs content management functions to enable the capture, storage, indexing and retrieval of spool files, merged documents and scanned forms so they are accessible via a web browser by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Operating natively on the IBMi (AS400, iSeries, Power Systems), iView increases security and speed over downloading to a PC or Secondary server.

There are countless reasons to choose this browser base archive retrieval module, for instance automation.

Automate repetitive task of collecting document information 

Eliminate the need to manually sort and group documents for distribution, and filing. iView will automatically ingest documents into archive repositories directly from the IBMi and from outside sources via inFORM’s document capture module. Documents will become immediately available for use.

Eliminate the need to key in information into database files for use in your ERP and Accounting archive retrieval. iView and iCapture solutions will collect indexed values into configured archive files which can be used to populate ERP and Accounting System databases thus eliminating the need to manually enter information multiple times.

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