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Knee Pads Support Defend Your Knees

I've spent what occasionally thinks just like a whole life selling workwear in every it's guises and at all quantities of the market. I've offered workwear at retail, wholesale and distributor level. I've distributed workwear in virtually every place in Europe and at all cost levels. With this workwear the biggest offering individual product is obviously the task trouser. It does not matter what state, what retail route or what price you're offering at, the task trousers are usually the greatest offering solution, equally by sum and value.
And of this greatest offering item, work trousers, the single best selling design of trouser could be the kneepad wallet trouser. The knee wallet on the trousers was created to hold set up the individually offered knee pads. The patches themselves are usually manufactured from polyethylene making them lightweight, resilient and relaxed when the wearer is in a kneeling
The kneepad pocket function trouser was initially created by Matti Viio when he began the Snickers workwear company in Sweden in 1975. His job as an electrician had highlighted to him that as the demands of his work and the equipment to accomplish it had changed with time the workwear he was issued with by his employers had not. So being the resourceful guy that he was, he designed his own. The Snickers Workwear was an instantaneous accomplishment because of its modern and sensible products and the kneepad wallet function trouser was the renowned product.
Around the following few years the models status distribute and other models were "inspired" to supply similar model trousers.
To date so good.
But during the last two decades that I've used offering the trousers I've noticed that less than 20% of the clients getting them actually choose the leg patches which can be likely to get into them. Initially I thought that they were getting substitute trousers and already had kneepads, but with time I have realised that this is not the case. Whenever I ask why they don't buy the leg patches the answer is generally that the double layer of fabric is sufficient due to their needs or that the trousers are acquired for ease and toughness and the knee station pockets certainly are a bonus.