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Navigating the Amazon Income Standing

Did you know that it's possible to sell eBooks immediately through the main 3 sites: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes? You do not have to sort out a 3rd party aggregator (as iTunes/Apple strongly recommends), or any other distribution route like Smashwords, Book Baby, Lulu, or Lightning Source. You are able to get primary to each one of these areas and cut fully out the middle-man, getting all of the royalties for yourself.
It's surprisingly simple to amazon quickbooks integration. All you need to accomplish is 1) set up an bill at each store and 2) give files and guide information.
Before we enter the logistics of each store, let's speak somewhat about pricing. Today, the sweet spot is between USD $2.99 and $9.99. If you can keep your retail value between 2.99 and amazon quickbooks integration, your royalty costs will be the highest. Here is a breakdown of how that seems per store:
Amazon: 70% royalty (less delivery fees) between 2.99 and 9.99. External that range, the royalty declines to 35%. For VERY big files, the delivery price may be therefore large that you'll earn more money at the 35% royalty rate.
Barnes & Respectable: 65% royalty between 2.99 and 9.99. Outside that selection, the royalty declines to 40%.
iTunes/iBookstore: 70% for all price ranges. HOWEVER! You must cost your book on iTunes at the best retail value that you offer in some other store, including print. iTunes doesn't wish to be undercut inside their pricing model.
I suggest you begin with Amazon - they are the simplest and offer the absolute most books.
Focus on KDP Pick while you are here. Plenty of writers (especially unknown authors) have experienced great achievement applying KDP - you offer your book free of charge for a particular quantity of time. This will make potentially tens and thousands of downloads and offer momentum for paid revenue when the timeframe is up.
WARNING: If you're previously dealing with iTunes, using KDP Pick is against your iTunes contract. Consider the iTunes agreement for more information about any of it - iTunes stops you from offering on yet another store before you sell in the iBookstore.
Distribute a MOBI file to Amazon.
That guarantees that Amazon does the least total the record in the "conversion" process. Amazon typically takes about 24 hours to put a book available for sale. Really rapid to advertise!